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Buying a house and selling it is a difficult job and most of the people get into troubles in making decisions about purchasing and selling. Besides homes, selling and buying other property is also a hectic job. To make this job easy, real estate industry is established that helps people in making different decisions about their real estate property. This industry comprises of several personalities such as real estate agents, brokers and salespersons.

South Carolina is 24th most populous state of America therefore real estate industry is o the bloom here. There are many brokerage firms and real estate agents in South Carolina that offer people service regarding selling and buying property. There are also different institutions in South Carolina that offer education necessary to become real estate agents, brokers and salespersons.

What is the difference between real estate agents, brokers and salespersons?

Though, these personalities are associated with the real estate industry but their working is a bit different from each others. However, their main objective is to find properties for clients and help them in buying process. However, the main difference between an agent and broker is that, agent or salespersons have less qualification and experience as compared to brokers. It won’t be wrong to say that, brokers are superior to salespersons. Brokers can work freely like independently or with someone but salespersons lack this luxury and they aren’t allowed to work independently. They always require an umbrella of broker. Apart from these differences, license of broker and salespersons are also different. The procedure from obtaining them is also different. However, real estate industry of South Carolina is governed by South Carolina real estate commission. It keeps a record of brokerage firms and offer regulations form them. In case of violation of rules, this commission also takes action against the culprits.

Services offered by Real estate brokers and Salespersons in South Carolina

There are many services offered by real estate agents and brokers in South Carolina. Some of these are stated below:


If a real estate agent is working with buyer then he searches a property and if the same is working with seller then he searches buyers. So, main job of real estate agent and broker is to search.


This is the job of real estate agents and brokers to market property on the behalf of seller. This job is necessary to grab attention of potential buyers. Marketing can be done in open houses, newspapers and televisions.


Real estate agents and brokers participate in negotiations between seller and buyer. They try to make the deal successful and after that they also take care of the paper work. If the deal is successful then it is the duty of real estate agent and salesperson to close the sale.

Finally, real estate agents, salespersons and brokers help people in finding an appropriate property and buyer. If you are looking for property in South Carolina then it is recommended to consider services of real estate agents, brokers and salespersons.

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