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Former Renter
Where to begin? These people are NO better than used car salesmen and I'm not sure how they go to bed with a clear conscience at night. We have rented from them for the past 3 1/2 years (the first place for 6 months and the second place for almost 3 years). No matter WHAT YOU DO, you will NOT get your full security deposit back unless you continue to rent from them apparently.
We had no problem getting the first security deposit back because we went into another one of their properties. We just moved out of the second property and they had the audacity to charge us $440 for a THIRD CLEANING! The first cleaning we paid for (using the cleaning service of the homeowners - who we used twice a month for 3 years). The daughter-in-law of the elderly man that is going in as the next tenant apparently had issues with the way it was cleaned so we were given a list of things that needed to be done in order to get our full security deposit back. My husband and I followed those guidelines perfectly and spent 2 1/2 hours trying to clean furniture that had marks on it when we moved in (as submitted on the report we gave them which they did nothing about) and still they went and hired HH Cleaning Service to clean the upholstery and leather of 3 couches, 4 loveseats and 4 kitchen chairs to the tune of $440. WHAT???? WHO in their right mind charges that? (I also then found out that there was a 40% off discount on carpeting/upholstery cleaning for the entire month of February thru HH Cleaners so there is NO WAY the cost came to that.) This cost is way more than a crew of people we hired for a day and a half to clean our post-construction home. (In their defense, there may have been a couple spots that the cleaning service we hired missed with some cat hair from our cat. But when we went back, we made sure that every last bit of that was removed.) On top of all this, we were told during our exit walk-thru that we would get our full security deposit back. Chuck Smith then told my husband that he must have been "distracted" during the walk-thru and wasn't looking at the cleaning portion well enough. I'm apoplectic.
I can't describe to you how filthy certain areas of both houses were when we moved in - we left them in better shape than when we got there but if you don't continue to rent, they will come up with erroneous cleaning costs. Don't bother filling out a report of what is wrong when you move in - it just doesn't matter - you WILL pay for the problems. When they're done with you, they're done with you and they will tell you that to your face as they did to my husband. And when my husband stated that in this community of social media and networking, they should really re-consider how they treat people, the response was, “I won’t listen to that – you can’t threaten me.” (We weren’t threatening anything – just wanting to be treated fairly or at least make sure others don’t fall into their trap. But great response! Stay classy, Miller LTR!)
Each review I've read about them holds true - someone needs to shut them down permanently. At the very least, take these reviews to heart (look them up - there are plenty). These people are absolutely evil.
Also, the reviews for HH Cleaning Services are pretty crummy as well. I guess terrible businesses like to huddle together. Just remember this: MILLER LTR, their owners and staff cannot and should not be trusted.

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